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Energy has the potential to enhance a person’s health, improve vitality and create personal growth.

The Energy Clinic is a place where you can experience a holistic approach to modern healing. Where we practice a philosophy of treating the whole of the person and the integration of mind and body. We promote the belief that these both aspects of a person must be treated in unison as opposed to treating an illness or injury in isolation. We offer a unique understanding of how the practice of using energy has the potential to enhance a person’s health, improve vitality and deliver personal growth.

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The Science of ENERGY


Day to day we actually notice and talk about energy all the time; it’s a very normal part of our vocabulary. It is that feeling when you walk into a room and – before you’ve even seen anyone – you can tell that the people in there have just had an argument. Or when you’re flirting and you know the feeling is mutual: ’sparks were flying’, it ignites the chemistry inside of us.  Or very simply, when you’ve met someone who ‘has a great energy about her’ or ‘I like his vibe’. We are constantly picking up on subtle energies more than we are consciously aware.

Where does this sensation, this energy come from?

Everything is made of energy: molecules, pathogens, prescription medicines, and even emotions. Each cell pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems.


Everyone has an Energy Field.  The Energy Field is the electromagnetic field which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and relates to all aspects of your life. The popular terms for this structure is the aura  or the light body. The contemporary term is Blueprint or subtle anatomy.

Illness begins in these layers of the human energy field before it manifests in the physical body as a symptom or a disease which brings a whole new meaning to preventative medicine. A person’s overall life force energy can become compromised due to everyday life.

It involves manipulation of these energy fields with the purpose of releasing and transmitting information between the energy field and the physical body. When there is an accumulation of negative data that the body wants detached from, it presents itself as an energy blockage in the field. It is energy consciousness so that every time you have a thought or feeling it shows in the energy field .



Everything has energy. Everything has a natural vibrating frequency. Our thoughts have a vibration.

The cells in our body use energy in the form of voltage and frequency for brain functions, digestion, blood circulation, movement, and more. Emotional disharmony, pain and illness can disrupt the cells electrical functions and frequencies, making it harder for your body to bring it back to balance, and make itself better.

Healthy Voltage/Vibration = Healthy Cells 

You can return your bodies natural state (voltage and frequencies) back to a more normal state to help your body and mind to be healthy and strong. Unhealthy (lower voltage) cells are known to be the cause of many diseases and other conditions.


Using sound frequencies as part of this bio-electrical treatment (using sound, light and electromagnetic interventions) helps to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies, changing its chemistry.

These special frequencies are magnetic resonances and are specifically designed to work as part of the overall corrective procedure. Sound amplifies the correction but you need to manually identify it first to bring the vibrations back to optimum. The subconscious mind will indicate accurately the exact frequencies to be used for correction.


Our body and mind has a constant vibro-acoustic “conversation”. Each cell in our body has its own sound vibration. When through physical trauma, toxicity or emotional stress the sound current is dwarfed, the self regulatory aspect of our body becomes impaired and dis-ease happens.



Do you sometimes struggle to focus or concentrate or do you find that you get stressed easily? 

At your first visit to The Energy Clinic, we always investigate the blueprint or electrical plans of the brain to see if there are markers contributing to how your body is processing your thoughts, feelings and your environment.

The Brain consists of a right and left hemisphere. It is often found that one side may be weaker or stronger than the other and this can have an impact on our cognitive approach to life. 

Are you fully switched on with your right hemisphere and your left hemisphere? Does one have more energy than the other?

What does this mean …

When there is a lack of energy in one or both sides of the brain there will be a reduction in their processing power and potential –  this can be described as a lack of brain integration.  As a result this can impact how we process information or tasks associated with each side of the brain as described here –

The Left hemisphere…

  • Linear thinking
  • Good at Math/Numbers
  • Practical
  • Objective
  • Logic
  • Safe & Cautious
  • Spoken & Written Language
  • Reason
  • Sequential
  • Science Skill
  • Loves Order
  • Finds Patterns

The Right Hemisphere…….

*  Social 

  • Huge Potential
  • Sees Bigger Picture
  • Intuitive
  • Philosophical
  • Creative
  • Musical
  • Spiritual
  • Imaginative
  • Artistic
  • Sees Meaning
  • Adventurous
  • Carefree
  • Symbols & Images
  • Spatial Perception
  • Sees Possibilities


A person who has less energy in the right brain may feel more emotional, anxious, shut down, numb or a feeling of not being able to ‘go with the flow’.

Someone with less integration on the left side could result in issues such as OCD, a perfectionist personality or struggle to process when things don’t go ‘as planned’.

When one or both hemispheres of the brain do not integrate properly this is known as homolateral brain function where there is a lack of integration into the centre of the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum connects the left and right hemispheres and acts as a bridge for communication between both sides of the brain.  It is interesting to note here that the corpus callosum is a third longer in females.


We typically see issues relating to brain integration from people who are carrying a degree of ‘Birthshock’. 

Birthshock can be associated with a difficult prolonged birth, forceps delivery, a vacuum delivery or Caesarean Section. The child can lose a certain percentage of their life force energy during this traumatic birth experience. 

This emotional shock experienced by the child can disrupt the electrical systems, which can hold back the development of the child. To counteract this, a correction to the energy field can be made to help the child to recover from this experience and move forward, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our experience with our clients has shown that impacts from this damaging experience can have some long term affects altering the body’s life force energy and if undetected, has the possibility of reverberations for that person in his/her adulthood.

 It is very beneficial to have this corrected in the first 9 months as this is a very important developmental stage and during this stage the brain hemispheres start to integrate to form one brain. It is also possible that a person can lose full integration later on in life due to any physical, mental, emotional, environmental or chemical shock or trauma.



The Energy Field will have registered a state of shock and the subconscious mind of a client of any age can be questioned through the medium of dowsing (use of a pendulum) and a correction can be made. Sound frequencies specifically designed to amplify the correction will be used.  There is a period of time, depending on the degree of shock, where the physical body will align to the changes which have been made. It can take any length, in some cases as long as a year, to form new neural networks and achieve whole brain integration.


Did you know that the body is like a computer? …

The Human Operating System has hardware, which is the body; and software, which is the mind. 

If your software (your mind) is not up to date or if there is information blocked due to shock then your computer (your body) cannot function at its optimum state. Its like forgetting a password and we can fail to connect to both our body and our mind.

The subconscious mind stores the full details of the personal history of each individual. It also carries out the physical functions of the body on an everyday basis through the three nervous systems.

You don’t consciously have to think about making your heart beat; your eyes blink, to sweat or to make your lungs fill with oxygen. All this happens subconsciously. It has been said that 95 percent of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness.

The subconscious mind therefore can be said to be more intelligent than the conscious mind.  Our mind acts a filter biasing what we experience. 

Your internal programming interacts with the outside world. This can be responsible for the development of a large part of our personality, tastes, talents, fears etc. It can determine a lot. 

It is important to re-establish the matter of good communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. here is an opportunity to reprogram your system to clear the memories, stress, environmental factors and past experiences in the system.

Our goal is to help you understand the reasons why this has happened and to help re-establish this mind/body connection. The time has come for us to embrace energy as information. It is time to take responsibility for the imbalances and the balances we create. It is time to remember who we are, and how powerful we can be. 

This treatment brings the hidden conscious to the fore.

A trained therapist can investigate the subconscious by using a method of dowsing to retrieve information relating to the client’s energetic blueprint. 

The subconscious mind can reveal shocks, traumas, timelines, genetics, environmental factors and other information concerning the wellbeing and the requirements of the body. Therefore no guess work has to be undertaken as no machine devised can equate with the genius of the subconscious mind, particularly when it is involved with the functioning of its own body.

When you think of emotional issues, you cant see these as they can’t be x-rayed. But it’s very real. It is in the energy field and it can block your energy. People who are crippled can be crippled emotionally and thus the physical body can mirror the energy field. To clear a specific problem, you need to identify the markers in the field. 

You can do a sound bath or use sound and people may feel better after it but it is not enough to address a specific problem.

Many of our clients have tried many other avenues, medical , other holistic therapies to help them move forward but without that ability to interact with the fields, you are limited to help people. 

There has been much supporting evidence of this work by Dr.Valerie Hunt, a scientist, author, and former professor of Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. She observed that when the person encounters a stress response  that before the brain wave was activated, before stimuli altered the heart rate, blood pressure or breathing, the energy field had already responded. This demonstrated that a person’s primary responses in their world take place first in the energetic field, not in the sensory nerves or in the brain.

 ‘The mind is not in the Brain it is in the vibratory field’ and ‘Before any shift in consciousness happens there has to be first a shift in the field of energy.’ 


                                                                                                                     DR. VALERY HUNT

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