Are you an Athlete? Do you want to boost your stamina,efficiency, speed, power and mindset?

To increase your max performance goals you need to optimize the energy reserves to support your activity. Drawing from our knowledge and experience here at The Energy Clinic, this is essential for high performance and to insure optimal alignment, recovery and maintenance.

If you use running in your sport – whether it be football, basketball, tennis or even running itself – one of your key training goals should be to always have enough energy reserves to combat level of fatigue and reduce the energy cost.

We have compiled a holistic, technical and science based approach to understanding, treating and managing your goals.

Using energy therapy will stay with you as an invaluable reference point throughout your career, and not only help you stay injury bfree but also increase your performance at a cellular level.

Whether fun, club or elite many sport enthusiasts have had to go through the irritation and frustration of injury.

In most cases, as an athlete, it’s not the pain of the injury that’s the problem, it’s the unknown parameters and consequences of this injury that is the real thorn in the side.

The fact is that we all know that “prevention is better than cure”