Donna through the combination of her own training and further studies has developed her own specific protocols that have the effectiveness of enhancing and improving the sensitivity that can surround a performer, assisting him/her through their own creative journey. From her own background as a singer, Donna was acutely aware that there can been some […]

Public Speakers

Are you wondering if you have the stage presence it takes to be a memorable speaker? Perhaps (you’re thinking), that level of presence and charisma isn’t possible for you. Do you speak at meetings, converse with colleagues and customers? Maybe you lecture? Here at The Energy Clinic, we can offer you an opportunity to boost […]


Your health (both physically and mentally) are hugely important to your success as a model. Ensuring you have a healthy lifestyle (not just when a job is coming up or when you are getting ready for an interview) is really important. In today’s industry, there are many demands and pressure to perform to be successful […]


Performing magic is an act. The best magicians are the ones who can capture the audience’s attention and imagination at every turn. To be a good magician you need to be a good actor, and you need to have a commanding presence. If good magic was just about performing the illusions, then anyone could do […]


Dance is an aesthetic art. It’s incredibly athletic and places great demands on a dancer’s body, but dance is still inherently a performance art. Working with Dancers at The Energy Clinic, we establish a reconnection from the dancer to their energy field, to connect the mind and body. This allows dancers to be better mentally […]


Are you an Athlete? Do you want to boost your stamina,efficiency, speed, power and mindset? To increase your max performance goals you need to optimize the energy reserves to support your activity. Drawing from our knowledge and experience here at The Energy Clinic, this is essential for high performance and to insure optimal alignment, recovery […]

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintainequilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change.What we experience as our mind is made up of our thoughts andemotions. These thoughts create a vibration and can have a negative orpositive affect on the chemistry of our body. We all experience negative […]

Stress and Anxiety

Stress, when managed properly, can be a real asset to performance.However, prolonged exposure to stress strengthens that pattern within our system. Just like with muscles, stress response grows stronger with use. Given enough reinforcement, these patterns can become ‘locked’ into place, making it more and more difficult to return to a neutral, unstressed state. Stressed […]


Many high performers have issues related to long term stress and use Energy Therapy simply to recharge and improve overall balance.It is fast becoming a training standard in Olympic and professional sports, and increasingly in the business community. Better communicative skills, personal presence and more effective leadership skills can be attained with better mental focus, […]

Focus & Concentration

A clear and focused mind is crucial to learning and life skills. EnergyTherapy helps your system to optimise your focus and concentration and itis used by students, businessmen, surgeons, football clubs, Olympicathletes and professional golfers. Many aspects of the chemistry of the body are involved in concentrationand focus. When stress hormones, levels of adrenaline, noradrenaline,serotonin […]