Dance is an aesthetic art.

It’s incredibly athletic and places great demands on a dancer’s body, but dance is still inherently a performance art.

Working with Dancers at The Energy Clinic, we establish a reconnection from the dancer to their energy field, to connect the mind and body. This allows dancers to be better mentally prepared for the changing environments associated with performing, competing, and improvising.

Be it Ballet, Irish dance, Jazz, contemporary or tap dance, we offer a new scientific approach to help you meet your goals.

With Dance as such a competitive industry it is important to have that cutting edge that will help to Fine tune you as an individual.

Energy Therapy sessions have improved the overall Dancer to be hyperaware of movement, quality, timing, better muscle memory, free to perform emotions and better able to retain and memorize particular sequences. It is proving essential to be ‘on your game’.

Members of Riverdance have had the opportunity to experience the work we do with performers at The Energy Clinic. Working with the dancers has given them a whole new way of thinking about getting the most out of their bodies by working with them around their field of energy and in particular the spine.

This system is essential for high performance athletes to insure optimal
alignment, recovery and maintenance.

The demands on a performer can impact on your personal or professional life which can compromise the persons overall well-being and performance.

Working with the energy of the body has been a game changer in achieving optimum physical structure, optimum self and potential.