What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy comprises of techniques that clears the blockages in your energy flow ultimately delivering a positive transformation on your life by helping to achieve an optimum state in your wellbeing


Unlike modern conventional medicinal practices Energy Medicine Therapy gets to the root of a problem.

Energy Therapy works directly with the electromagnetic field that surrounds and diffuses in through the physical body. A popular term to describe this subtle electromagnetic structure is referred to as an “Aura” but can also be described as the “Energy Field” or the “Light Body”. Illness is formed in these layers of the human energy field before it can manifest into the physical body as a recognized medical symptom or a disease… Therefore, careful treatment and support of the Energy Field can have the opportunity to avoid the onset of further health issues and brings a whole new meaning to preventative medicine.

ENERGY THERAPY involves manipulation of the energy fields with the purpose of releasing and transmitting information between the energy field and the physical body. When there is an accumulation of negative data that the body wants to detach from or cannot process, it presents itself as an energy blockage in the field.

There is a whole body and mind connection which can be disrupted by certain energy inhibitors. The energy balancing techniques used initially require scanning the Energy Field, the therapist can locate these blockages by identifying texture imbalances of the energy through a developed extrasensory awareness.

Optimal Performance


We help athletes gain the competitive edge over their opponents. At the Energy Clinic, we provide a program that aims to help athletes reach their optimal mental and physical state. By identifying areas of the system in need of attention for performance enhancement, we aim to improve mental function, correct structural deviations, areas of weakness in behavior, over-thinking, self-doubt and areas of distraction can be reduced. We aim to eliminate these negative symptoms and help promote areas to increase relaxation and focus for better stamina in high-pressure situations.

Professional Therapy

Overall life force energy can become compromised due to everyday life. Bio-Energy therapy stimulates and provokes the Immune System which activates the body’s healing process and powers

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