Most frequent questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an Energy Therapy session?

During an ‘In clinic’ treatment, Donna works either at a short distance from  your body, or sometimes (with your permission) using a light touch on your  body, usually on the back, if you need particular spinal work. Energy  balancing does not involve massage or physical manipulation. The individual  remains fully clothed throughout and only needs to remove any outer garment  if it helps them to feel more comfortable. 

In distant treatment, the energy is transmitted to the recipient wherever they  are. In both cases, the receiver of the energy may be aware that something is  happening. Most experience a variety of sensations, perhaps warmth or  coolness, tingling and pressure as the energy goes to work. Some clients do  not feel any sensations or little more than warmth, but the process is no less  effective. A sense of deep relaxation and peace is usually experienced.

How long does a session last?

This can vary depending on the client’s needs and circumstances at the time of treatment. Clients who come for regular treatment may require less time as it is used as a maintenance appointment.

I’m on medications, is it still possible to balance my energy field?

Depending on the medications you are taking, how stable you are on  them, and the effect that they have on your physical mental, spiritual  and emotional bodies, we can adjust the energy balancing techniques  to assist your system to harmonize with the medications you are taking. 

Do I lie on a massage table?

Yes. In person sessions take place where the client is  lying comfortably on our therapy plinth. For some  clients this is difficult to do and if so, you are welcome  to sit on a chair. For long distance phone or video  work, you can be anywhere you are comfortable. 

We suggest that you pick somewhere where you will  not be disturbed and have privacy. 

How much do you need to know about me and my medical history?

We do require all clients to fill in our client form as best you can so that we  have up to date records of your visit. Initially, you may wish to talk about your  concerns briefly and, in subsequent sessions, you may wish to inform Donna  of changes in your situation or condition. 

Do you keep a record of each session?

Yes. Very brief records are kept in order to review the client’s progress. They  usually state only the date and time of the session and how the client feels  afterwards. These records are completely confidential. The Energy Clinic  works to a Code of Conduct which forbids them to discuss a client’s personal  details or health history. The records are kept safe by the The Energy Clinic  Team and destroyed after seven years. 

What is the average number of session that a person takes?

The average number of sessions varies depending on your needs at the  particular time of your first appointment. See our options below  

The Solo – Single Session 

 A single session is a great way to experience Our Work at The Energy Clinic, to start  your journey, gain clarity about a particular issue or even as a ‘system diagnostic’ to  better understand your prominent energetic patterning. 

The Trio – Three Sessions 

While one session can make quite an impact, issues generally consist of many layers. If you desire to address an issue thoroughly, a series of three or more sessions is suggested  for deeper transformation. An ongoing series provides the guidance and support to  experience progressive change. 

What happens after?

It is a good idea to take some time each day in a quiet environment to  integrate the changes; you may find it helpful to keep a journal to track  your progress.  

To ensure lasting results, do not drink alcohol or use recreational drugs  during and for several weeks following your sessions.  

What can Energy Therapy do for me?

The outcome of an energy balancing session may be beneficial in an
unexpected way and not necessarily immediately: for example, you may
notice positive changes several days later or gradual improvement over a
period of time. There may be times when you experience some kind of
emotional release as part of the healing process. Sometimes the process is
obvious, sometimes more subtle.
It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a profound level,
which helps your body to adjust and respond spontaneously at its own pace
and in its own way. This approach seeks out the underlying cause as well as
the “presenting symptom”.

How effective is it?

ENERGY THERAPY is effective in the vast majority of cases, and provides  measurable results. 

While it’s not a panacea, almost everyone responds well, and the results  are long lasting. Our clients report significant improvement towards their  goals 95% of the time; an exceptionally high rate of achievement. 

Like any therapy it works best with people who are motivated and want to  improve.  

Is Energy Therapy safe?

Yes, Energy Therapy is completely non-intrusive and safe. In the history of  Energy therapy, nobody has ever been harmed. However, as with any form  of treatment, there can be ‘side-effects’ in the form of a small healing reaction which should subside within a couple of days.

I don‘t have any specific issues to clear; I’m just feeling a bit off balance, and out of sorts. How could a session help me?

Everyone’s session fits what they need. Some clients  come with a list of things they are struggling with, from  health, to relationships, to money and are already  aware of the blocks they want to have released.  Others just feel a bit “off,” or perhaps run down and  want to get to the emotional root of the problem, but  haven’t been able to figure out the source on their  own. 

There are several methods used to find blocks so they  can be released and get the energy flowing freely  again. At the beginning of a session, your energy is  tested to determine the highest priority to begin with  for that session. (Sometimes it’s not what your  conscious mind thinks). For example, to find where  your energy wants to begin, your practitioner will test  your connections, energy systems and sometimes it is  simply to let you speak your truth and the session just  flows on from there. So whether you come prepared  with a list, or just want an energy tune-up, your energy  knows what it is you are in need of and will take the  lead.

How soon will I see changes?

Most people experience improvements after the first few sessions;  however, after more sessions and further reinforcement, the changes many last longer. 

How many sessions will I need?

Since every person is unique, the type, order and pace of change differs  from person to person. Younger clients tend to respond much faster than  older ones, and a small issue shifts quicker than a big one. Typically, the more long standing and entrenched the symptoms the more  sessions are required. You can expect the gains to be cumulative over the  course.

How many sessions are enough?

For most, simply relieving uncomfortable symptoms is enough. Others  want to move forward in other areas, or tackle new goals.  Ultimately, self-improvement is a lifelong continuum. How much is enough  is up to you. 

What results can I expect?

Most report a feeling of regaining the vitality they had gradually lost as  other things got in the way. A feeling of being more comfortable in their  own skin; feeling more like themselves – alert and relaxed, alive and quiet  at the same time.

It doesn’t mean you won’t encounter life’s problems anymore, it just  means you’ll handle them in a healthier way and the feelings won’t linger  as before.  

A fully balanced state is experienced as happiness, contentment, and  clarity. Being in balance allows you to gain control and make choices that  you weren’t able to before, as getting out of stuck habits allows you the  freedom to choose your reactions rather than be over-run by them. A fresh perspective can make all the difference.