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Donna Malone

Hi, I’m Donna and I am originally from Ballina, Co.Mayo. Over the last 10 years, I have trained in a combination of complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Bio-energy, HiddenMind investigative and corrective sound protocol and the HiddenMind Advanced energetic spinal bodywork program. I furthered my studies in energy medicine training with mentors in Ireland, USA, Latvia and Russia. 

After spending most of my career as a performer and singer with a hectic touring life-style, I developed a keen interest in overall health and well-being and began my studies of anatomy and physiology while continuing my Vocal and Music Degree at the D.I.T Conservatory of Music & Drama.

Our Philosophy

The Energy Clinic offers the perfect environment where you can experience a modern approach to increase your sense of wellbeing

We offer a unique understanding of how the practise of using energy has the potential to enhance a person’s health, improve vitality and create personal growth.

Whether you visit us at our Clinic or book your virtual appointment, you can be assured that our aim is to treat the root cause with an integrative approach.

Whether you are feeling stressed by modern living, having exhausted your reserves or have a desire to experience your optimum self, The Energy Clinic can help you to achieve your natural equilbrium, reach your potential and restore the calm in your life.

Energy Medicine is the way of the future and here at The Energy Clinic we offer you an opportunity to experience this new science in healing modalities of the 21st century.


What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy - - comprises of techniques that clears the blockages in your energy flow ultimately delivering a positive transformation on your life by helping to achieve an optimum state in your wellbeing Unlike modern conventional medicinal practices, which generally treats symptoms, Energy Medicine (Therapy) gets to the root of a problem.
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What happens during an Energy Therapy session?

ENERGY THERAPY involves manipulation of the energy fields with the purpose of releasing and transmitting information between the energy field and the physical body. When there is an accumulation of negative data that the body wants to detached from or cannot process, it presents itself as an energy blockage in the field.
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What can energy therapy do for me?

Restores the natural flow of energy within the body to allow self-regeneration, leaving you feeling grounded & lighter. Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension. Improves concentration, clarity and focus. Helps to bring a profound sense of well-being and balance....
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It is important to re-establish the matter of good communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. here is an opportunity to reprogram your system to clear the memories, stress, environmental factors and past experiences in the system.
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Here at The Energy Clinic we are offering you new insights into dealing with stress and an opportunity to recharge and prioritize your self-care. Book your appointment today to reconnect with the energy you need to be passionate about your career and enjoy ….






Since opening The Energy Clinic, Donna has worked with a multitude of clients with all varying backgrounds and professions. Donna regularly treats people in the creative and performing arts like musicians, dancers and actors and her techniques have helped her clients in achieving greater creative energy and reconnection to the joy of their art. 

More recently Donna has seen an increasing uptake from business professionals in a quest to support them in today’s challenging environment. 

Stage Presence

Are you trying to find your path in a dynamic, fast-paced, communications career?
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Are you a editor, composer, song writer, Novelist, Playwright or Screenwriter? Do you ever run out of creative energy?
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As a trained classical singer herself, Donna can closely relate to singers who are experiencing vocal difficulties
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Public Speakers

Are you wondering if you have the stage presence it takes to be a memorable speaker? Perhaps (you're thinking), that level of presence and charisma isn't possible for you.
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Dance is an aesthetic art. It’s incredibly athletic and places great demands on a dancer’s body, but dance is still inherently a performance art.
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Are you trying to find your path in a dynamic, fast-paced, communications career?
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Are you an Athlete? Do you want to boost your stamina,efficiency, speed, power and mindset?
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Your health (both physically and mentally) are hugely important to your success as a model.
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Optimal Performance

Why you should choose Energy Therapy for your professional or performance goals...

As a performer your system is naturally fuelled with lots of adrenaline, which is highly demanding on your energy reserves. Enhancing your body’s energy levels in a natural way is the key to optimising your performance and achieving your goals. Your body and your mind are your instrument but these cannot function at the intensity sometimes required if the energy levels are not there to sustain it.”. 


Here at The Energy Clinic we are offering you new insights into dealing with stress and an opportunity to recharge and prioritize your self-care. Book your appointment today to reconnect with the energy you need to be passionate about your career and enjoy the world of 

Donna through the combination of her own training and further studies has developed her own specific protocols that have the effectiveness of enhancing and improving the sensitivity that can surround a performer, assisting him/her through their own creative journey. 

From her own background as a singer, Donna was acutely aware that there can been some unexplained impediments in one’s career preventing that individual’s talent from reaching its fully potential. 







Clients who chose Energy Therapy























Start Your Self-Care Journey

How to begin your process with me

Everything begins with your story. What is going on? Book a appointment of your choice. My aim is that your first appointment is informative and corrective at the same time. This session will help you to see how you are in present time AND the potential for you to become more balanced and give you an opportunity to ask questions.


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The Gift Of Energy


Welcome to The Energy Clinic

How energy therapy can help you

Overall life force energy can become compromised due to everyday life. Bio-Energy therapy stimulates and provokes the Immune System which activates the body’s healing process and powers

Attention & Concentration

Sleep &


Stress &

Overall life force energy can become compromised due to everyday life. Bio-Energy therapy stimulates and provokes the Immune System which activates the body’s healing process and powers

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Stress, when managed properly, can be a real asset to performance. However, prolonged exposure to stress strengthens that pattern within our system. Just like with muscles, stress response grows stronger with use. Given enough reinforcement, these patterns can become ‘locked’ into place, making it more and more difficult to return to a neutral, unstressed state. Stressed becomes the new normal. If a client feels a huge sense of overwhelm everything that’s happening to them on a daily basis is constantly triggering and highlighting all the unprocessed stressful events in the past and even the smallest stressful event can trigger a major stress response. When we are chronically stressed, we underperform at almost everything. It affects the tone of the central nervous system, affecting hormonal balance, supressing the immune system, imparing mental processing and emotional control. People’s symptoms of stress can be low energy, lack of drive, pains and aches, anxiety. Anxious thoughts create more damage to the physiological system, and can present physically in a myriad of ways. Migraines, fears, phobias, sleep trouble, irritable bowel, digestive difficulty, anger issues, adrenal fatigue, burnout; most every system in our body suffers when under prolonged stress. Energy Therapy is a targeted and direct method offering new insights into dealing with stress and help your body to return to a natural, unstressed state. This may be your answer to managing your stress.

Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change.What we experience as our mind is made up of our thoughts and emotions. These thoughts create a vibration and can have a negative or positive affect on the chemistry of our body. We all experience negative thoughts and emotions from time to time but if we stay in any state for too long we lose the ability to return to our balanced position causing up to drain our energy reserves. We might find ourselves “locked” in any number of negative states; such as anger, fear, worry, self-sabotage or depression; agitation, impulsivity, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep trouble, lack of drive and motivation, or poor concentration and impede our ability to be at our best.

During sleep, the body has a chance to sort, prioritise and file all the information taken in during the day. Mental functioning decreases nearly twice as rapidly as physical performance with decreased sleep.
The reasons for sleep difficulties are varied. It may be due to stress, anxiety, burnout, trauma, or habitual loop thinking. Whatever the cause,
the system has lost the ability to shift into the correct state for sleep.

Energy Therapy helps you to restore your natural sleep rhythms. By resetting the system this can help you to produce the correct amount of cerebrospinal fluid and reduce the level of adrenaline which will allow the body to recharge it’s battery and generate a more restful sleep.

A clear and focused mind is crucial to learning and life skills. Energy Therapy helps your system to optimise your focus and concentration and it is used by students, businessmen, surgeons, football clubs, Olympic athletes and professional golfers.

Many aspects of the chemistry of the body are involved in concentration and focus. When stress hormones, levels of adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, serotonin and the neurotransmitters are out of balance, this can impact your level of alertness and mental energy. A clearer mind makes a clearer you.

Julian Opera Singer

I had been suffering with recurrent trapped nerves down my shoulder which were diagnosed, cleared, and have never returned since. As a professional singer, Donna has created a protocol to enable me to perform at my best thanks to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I have never felt happier and couldn’t recommend her treatments enough.

Laura Stylist

I heard about Donna through a friend and went to her for a session after a bad bout of food poisoning and resultant stomach issues which conventional medicine seemed unable to solve. While being relatively skeptical at the outset, my mind was soon changed. Donna’s knowledge of the way a body works and the insights she has offered have been invaluable. Donna has single handedly strengthened and improved my immune system, energy and mental clarity; she has enabled me to perform better at work and sessions with her have become a non-negotiable part of my schedule.

Mari Opera Singer

In my first session with Donna, I just couldn't stop crying. I already felt a huge release of tension leave my body through the techniques and sound frequencies she used. She was able to pin point to experiences which had had a negative or traumatic effect on me. Some of these were subconscious, or I had forgotten about the event, but nevertheless their lasting effects were still weighing me down. I was shocked at her intuition and ability to communicate distressing experiences I could barely put words on myself. She helped me to release all that was ultimately holding me back from living and pursuing the life I wished to live and my journey as a performer.

Marla Therapist

I will always be deeply grateful to her for the difference she has made to me and my children. And that is just one of many stories. I truly think that anyone would benefit from Donna’s treatments no matter how subtle or severe the issue. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to cut through symptoms and truly address the source of the issue.

Joe Therapist

I’ve had several energy corrections with Donna, and each one has been a powerful healing experience. She is a very talented, powerful, caring therapist who gives a lot of herself to her work. Donna is passionate about helping people in a practical and meaningful way and the results of my sessions with her have always been hugely positive.

Sarah Opera Singer

What I love about Energy Therapy is the fact that you continue to feel the benefits long after the treatment has finished. Every treatment is tailored to the individual and if needed, Donna can suggest sound frequencies to support the healing that this approach brings whilst at home. Sound therapy is also provided to help lock in corrections made during the treatment and to remind you to take time out for yourself during a busy schedule.

Aoife Pianist

Donna is an exceptional therapist. Since starting treatment, I have seen an incredible change to my general well~being and health. I have so much more energy and I have been able to release those energetic blockages and traumas that we’re in the way of my life moving forwards. Donna is incredibly intuitive, kind and caring and I have her and the therapy to thank for my new found lease of life. I can not recommend her highly enough!