Performing magic is an act. The best magicians are the ones who can capture the audience’s attention and imagination at every turn.

To be a good magician you need to be a good actor, and you need to have a commanding presence.

If good magic was just about performing the illusions, then anyone could do it. If all you had to do was follow some steps and pull a rabbit out of a hat, then you’d have no problem. You’d be famous!

But it’s not being able to pull a rabbit out of a hat that counts, it’s the way you pull it out of the hat.

You’ve learned your tricks. You’ve spent time performing them for audiences. You’ve pounded the pavement, and you’re worked really hard, but you’ve reached a bit of a plateau. Major success seems to elude you, and you know the answer lies in improving your stage presence. Your magic is good and your skills are solid, now you need to take everything to the next level.

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