Mojo Therapy

Self-Care is the single most important thing you can do for yourself every day. Care for “you” and your family, friends, co-workers, and the world will care for you too.
Many of my clients using my Sessions as a part of their own self-care. I have clients with me for years, not because of co-dependency, but, because I am a part of their self care regime.


If you are tired of feeling the way you do, feel stuck in a rut, if you know that you are not quite you and need help finding yourself again then our energy approach may help you. Lots of people turn to us it in times of stress, grief, anxiety and upset – or when Western medicine can’t offer them anything but a pill for their problems.

Energy therapy is truly a jack of all trades; it’s your best friend, your mother, your doctor, your counsellor, all rolled into one. It’s at it’s most powerful when used regularly as a form of maintenance, to stop you from ever getting to a place so bad that you’ve exhausted all the other options.
Even when you can’t actually put your finger on what’s troubling you, or what you’re missing, the sessions will give you exactly the kind of shift in your energy that you need.
Our clients at The Energy Clinic report that they can handle life better on a daily basis and recover more quickly from the curve balls it throws at you, when they inevitably come your way. Many clients come because they have a feeling of being disconnected, having lost their ‘mojo’ and this inhibits the processing of their external environment, leading to anxiousness, stress, sleep issues, irrational thoughts or chronic fatigue to name a few.
If you are suffering with a chronic condition, it will expedite your body’s own natural healing process, by kickstarting its own healing mechanisms and giving it a boost of vital energy.

*Energy medicine is not a substitute for conventional medicine and works best as a complementary therapy, in conjunction with any treatment you may be receiving from your doctor.


Everything begins with your story. What is going on? Book a appointment of your choice( solo. Trio )

My aim is that your first appointment is informative and corrective at the same time.
This Session Will:

  1. Help you to see how you are in present time AND the potential for you to become more balanced.
  2. Give you an opportunity to ask questions.