What is Online Treatment?

Online treatments are another very easy and effective way to avail of Donna’s work. Donna has treated people from all corners of the world with this method. Because we are all connected through the Universal Energy Field, it is possible to detect an individual’s state-of-being across space. It is possible to give a very effective and beneficial treatment to a patient, no matter the distance.


Some Important Information about Online Energy Therapy

Donna’s preferred method of communication is by Zoom meeting. You will be sent a link which connects you automatically with Donna in a face to face meeting. If you have not used Zoom before – it is very easy to use; in fact you just click a link!

When you receive the link just look for the wording that says:- “Join Zoom Meeting” – underneath you will see a line of letters and numbers – that is the link.

Just click or double-tap on the link and you will go straight to the Zoom meeting with Donna. At the start you will arrive in the “Waiting Room” and shortly after you arrive Donna will admit you.

You should connect with the Zoom meeting no more than one minute before your time and no later than five minutes after your time.

Before you connect with the call we recommend that you sit alone for some time and have the intention to ground yourself.

You should be in an environment where you will not be disturbed during the call.

We also suggest that afterwards you take some time to yourself.


Sound Frequencies

To complete the online correction, we will provide you with sound frequencies specific to your treatment. They will be sent to you via email within a couple of hours of your face to face meeting.
I suggest you find somewhere comfortable to listen to them and it is recommended to use earphones to amplify the correction.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to these sound frequencies.

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