Donna through the combination of her own training and further studies has developed her own specific protocols that have the effectiveness of enhancing and improving the sensitivity that can surround a performer, assisting him/her through their own creative journey.

From her own background as a singer, Donna was acutely aware that there can been some unexplained impediments in one’s career preventing that individual’s talent from reaching its fully potential.

As a trained classical singer herself, Donna can closely relate to singers who are experiencing vocal difficulties and has found that the condition of the energy field can play an important role on the overall vocal condition.

In particular, her own developed approach allows singers to explore the development and potential of their own voice through supporting the vocal efficiency and vocal longevity of that singer.

Donna firmly believes that the human voice is a mirror of our inner self, our voice reveals our moods, fears, intentions, hopes, thoughts, desires and reflects who we truly are. The sound of our voice can tell us more about a person than words can sometimes communicate.

‘I believe singing is an extension of your imagination where you create the sound through a deeper connection with yourself. This is essential in order to create the emotion, colour, texture and tone of the voice.’

By participating in this programme, there is a unique opportunity to embody your voice and clear elements of energetic stagnation, this will help to open your creative channels of expression and reinvigorate the energetic layers of your voice.

Energy Therapy sessions can –

Help you to sing with ease
Recover tired and fatigued voices
Optimise air capacity
Gain vocal power without straining
Backed by scientific research